April 07, 2014

-:- New Shop Items -:-

These are some new items coming soon (later today, I hope) in the shop:

-:- an antique map of Paris and the surrounding areas -:-
-:- an antique French linen apron -:-
-:- a vintage rosary -:-

Wishing you a nice week!
Douce semaine ! :)

April 03, 2014

-:- New Shop Items -:-

These are some new vintage French items added to the shop today:

-:- a handwoven basket -:-
-:- a glass canning jar -:-
-:- madeleine tins -:-
-:- a mustard pot -:-

Wishing you a nice day!
Bonne journée ! :)

March 24, 2014

New Shop Items

These are some new items listed in the shop today:

-:- a pretty antique coat rack -:-
-:- vintage red and white haberdashery -:-

As usual, more items are coming soon...

Thank you for your visits and have a nice week! :)

March 17, 2014

-:- New Shop Items Coming Soon -:-

This week I was lucky enough to find quite a few new antique and vintage French items to list in the shop.

In order to add as many of them as possible, I'll make them available all at once next Monday (March 24th) at noon Paris / Central European Time (CET).

They include:

rubber stamps
floral fabric
mattress ticking
a box or two
glass jars
paper labels
a wire wastebasket
and more

Hope you'll like them!

Have a great week and "see" you soon!
Très bonne semaine et à bientôt ! :)

March 10, 2014

-:- New Shop Items -:-

Coming soon in the shop... 

-:- boxes of unused wooden thread spools -:-
-:- a rubber stamp with pretty numbers -:-
-:- a metal box with a nicely aged patina -:-

...and more vintage finds.

Have a nice week!
Bonne semaine ! :)

March 04, 2014

-:- New Shop Items -:-

These are some new vintage finds that will be available in the shop later today:

-:- a small winery bottle with a nice label -:-
-:- five wooden spools of thread, two of which are marked Paris on the ends -:-
-:- an eau de cologne bottle with a pretty Paris label -:-
-:- a large spool of thread marked on both ends -:-

Wishing you a nice day / bonne journée ! :)

February 25, 2014

Some Recent Vintage Finds

These are just a few of the items that have recently been added to the shop:

a letter M stamp
white bowls
an enamel milk pail
a metal bottle carrier
madeleine tins and a canning jar
a hand-woven basket

More vintage French finds are coming in the days and weeks ahead...

Wishing you a nice week!
Très bonne semaine !